Thursday, April 2, 2009


1.0 Is history evolving?

Yes, in the novel of Green is the colour, history is axiomatic evolving. Precisely, the tragic tragedy of the May 13 1969 caused a lot of chaotic and left a big impact to each Malaysian at that time. The racial tension led people to start a fight and the riots were out of control. The bloodshed somehow influenced Lloyd Fernando in his second novel, which is Green is the colour and blend the most sensitive issues very well.

2.0 Do writers think alike?

To us, the thinking of the writers is not alike. Each writer has their own thoughts and perceptions on certain issues and their personal experiences together with their observations are different. Even though they brought in same issues yet the way they portray on the issues are not like to one another. Nevertheless every single writers are very unique in their own way.

3.0 What shape of the minds MLIE writers?

There are several factors that shape the minds of MLIE writers. One of them is their upbringing and personal experiences for instance Lloyd Fernando in his second novel. His earlier stage of life living in Sri Lanka annoyed him that further more led him to move to the Singapore. He became more open minded on certain issues regardless the sensitivity of the issues. However he still respect the sensitivity yet speaking his mind.

4.0 What common issues are highlighted in MLIE?

In MLIE, there are several common issues being highlighted by thw writers. One of them is the social issues. The conservative thinking of the society that denies the changes often being highlighted. Another issue is the political issue. As can be seen, in the Green is the colour, political issue is one of the main issue highlighted. Apart from that, the cultural issue is another issue often being highlighted. Each writer will bring their cultural in their writings. They will discuss the inequality and the perceptions of the society towards certain issues and topics.

5.0 How are the issues related to the past and the present?

The issues related to the past and the present through the issues. In each art of work, there will be issues that intended to be highlighted. The issues aro normally will make sense in today’s world especially in the seek of better understanding of the history. The readers will read the piece and tries to relate it in today’s world. Besides that the reader will find the moral values in each piece since each piece contains many moral values. to one level, the reader will reflect and learn to not let the past to be repeated.

6.0 How are the issues relevant to the future?

Unity issue is relevant to the future. people are getting further to one another. There are lacking of communication and unable to understand each race better due to the hectic lifestyles. With that reason, the importance of unity can be highlighted in art of work and relevant to the future generation. Besides that, the political issue is crucial in future. writer should teach reader to accept the differences in political, and be more relevant and sensitive to other races. The good understanding of the differences will later benefit the future generations.

7.0 What issues are typical to a particular race?

The very common issue to a particular race is economical inequality. Another issue is on the religion practices.

8.0 Why are some issues common to a particular race?

Each race is unsatisfied to the inequality and question the government. Worse part is the blame is put on the government’s side and at the end it will break the unity and cause a lot of havoc. Other than that, religious differences also might be the main issue. It is due to the lack of respect and understanding to other religion.

9.0 What does the future hold for MLIE?

MLIE has a bright future if each of us know the benefit of reading MLIE. MLIE is able to bring the unity back and open up people minds on certain issues. It can be a food of thought and enlighten people on certain issues. Besides that, if we could appreciate MLIE as good as we do in other languages, there will be more creative writers with fresh and optimistic thoughts break into the scene. Those young writers are crucial to discuss the issues in the eyes af young generation.